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May 2011 - Within the next couple of weeks, I'll upload and make available here

my photo album.


Out of frustration with online photo web album services. Even paid ones. Those are changing URL's or just suddenly decide to close business.  Effectively destroying any weblinks in online fora. My tidy image enhanced forum postings, just dead image links. 


This solution here with my own domain name, easy FTP image upload and non-random image URLs (like Picasa etc. uses), publisching a string of images will become more easy.



A 2-DVD backup of my old webalbum from - closing site end of May contains already tons of images to be uploaded soon here.


I weather (patiniere, verouder, verweer) model trains, because in my opinion  the out-of-factory models require some paint job to at least fill in the detaills. Like yellow handels and hooks on fraight cars, white and red brake equipment. Just like model kit building.

To turn a 'plastic' looking model into a much more realistic model, a touch of weathing needs to be applied. Lifting the model by adding normal real-life wear and tear looks. Mostly normal useage, dust and rust, some dirt.

So airbrush, drybrush, wetwashes, highlighting, weathering powders need to be applied to create a realy good model train.


For international audience, I write in English, with some German and Dutch inline as well.

Do not expect a website here full of weathering instructions or dicussions. There are web fora (forums) and other sites for this already out there. Also check YouTube on weathering and model building, especially those army model builders do superb jobs on weahtering their models.


Contact data will follow soon.




























H0 model

Weathering done / gealtert